Traveling Abroad

10 Lessons in 6 Days

1 – Small rooms = no place for steam after shower to go = setting off the smoke detectors (everything is small here)

2 – Military families are one of a kind and truly inspiring

3 – Some Germans don’t like Americans…they’ll let you know too!

4 – I met someone whose daughter-in-law’s father is the actor who played Biff in Back to the Future movies

5 – The world is very small

6 – The Lord works in mysterious ways – so cliche I know, but oh so true

7 – German food — not quite sure how I feel about it, definitely something different than American food, but, very tasty

8 – The coffee…no words to describe how wonderful it tastes

9 – Connections are everything…so many wonderful stories about how the Lord puts people in certain places and times

10 – Jet lag: never understood what it was, slept for 12 hours first day in the Netherlands.  And, it still wasn’t enough!!

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