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Vienna, Austria

Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, or Guten Aben!

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening (depending on when you read this).  These are typical greetings in German.  I’ve learned some phrases from my culture class.  Fun note – learned how to to Austrian Folk Dancing with this class (for free).  They love coming to campus and teaching us these things because we’re actually interested, so we’re ‘a fun time’.  Go figure!

Vienna was filled with all sorts of fun memories.  Ranging from getting ice cream, twice, it was THAT good, to watching a fire show and leaving because it started to become demonic.  Felt like a traveling adult when figuring out the subway to get from the hostel to the “downtown” Vienna where most of us hung out.  Making new friends, having deep conversations at the end of the day, and laughing together made for a grand ole time (sp?).

Anyway, here are some pictures that capture some of the many moments I had in Vienna two weekends ago.  There are so many things we saw that I didn’t get photos of, unfortunately, but I can’t wait to tell y’all about them when I get back.

For now, enjoy!

First stop on the way to Vienna – functioning Monastery. Was able to venerate a piece of the cross from the Crucifixion and celebrated Daily Mass.
St. Stephan’s Cathedral – the roof is covered in colored enamel tiles.  Inside is amazing…forgot to take pictures.
Cafe where Bambi (Disney movie) was written (building on right with black railings)
St. Michael the Archangel Church (aka the Servant’s Church – when royalty still ruled).  
St. Peter’s Church
Inside St. Peter’s
A sculpture depicting and dedicated to the Holy Trinity – I didn’t get the other sides though 😦
Entrance into the Imperial Square – we had lunch at a restaurant within those walls.
Public gardens that are part of the Imperial Home – Maria Theresa designed these gardens (mother of Marie Antoinette).  Saw about three different wedding parties taking photos in these gardens.   Funny story about that to come.
Not sure who these people were trying to be – reminded me of Star Wars (it’s a couple walking together).
St. Charles Church – there is a series of pictures for this Church – it surrounds a big fountain and as the sun went down the effect of the light mixed with the water was very cool to see…maybe you think so too.
St. Charles Church
Version 3
St. Charles Church
Twilight water acrobat show…we all had different opinions about it.  In front of St. Charles Church
First sculpture inside the Vienna Art History Museum (KHM).
One of the many artworks on the ceilings throughout the KHM
Madonna and the Christ Child wearing crowns (not official name) – just really like this piece of art.
Version 2
Found some cool spots to play with taking photos when we were wandering the gardens – next couple of pics
Version 2
Have an affinity for old lamp posts (I know I’m weird)
Version 4
These flowers were very fragrant and some of the most beautiful fragrances I’ve ever experienced.
Fragrant Flower


Last weekend was nice and relaxing, I stayed back for some alone time.  This weekend I’ll be staying back to, but hope to go and explore Gaming a bit more.  Then…Poland is next weekend!!! Can’t wait to go see St. JPII somewhere there.  I think we’re visiting his birthplace and church he received all of his sacraments, not sure.  Looking forward to going on that carriage ride too.  There were carriage rides available in Salzburg and Vienna, but apparently Krakow is the best place to get one at, so I’m waiting ever so patiently.



*yes I know that’s Italian, German’s also use it ;)*


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