Mustard Seeds

I think I’m on the train?

I was texting with a friend a week or so ago and I remember having a good ‘adult day.’  Otherwise known as a day where I managed to be a successful adult.  I made some money and made another baby step in the job application hemisphere.  Those are the two things consuming my life, oh, and exhaustion.  Anyway, at the end of that day I felt like I was barely on the train of life.  The one you have to hop on and hope you know at least one person on it.  The train that’s traveling faster than the speed of light or so if seems on some days.  The train that you’re gripping onto so tight your knuckles are white and the whole time you’re praying you won’t fall off.  You’re also praying for someone to put their hand over yours to help hold you in place.  Eventually, I’ll find some footing right?

Well, that’s what I said to my friend and she reminded me that God won’t let us get too comfortable on the train we’re on, otherwise we won’t be able or ready to make the next big scary (possibly terrifying) leap onto the next train for the next season in life.

If you actually sit and think about the fact that at many points throughout our life, unknown to us, we have met people we may not see again for 5, 10, 20, 30+ years, but God wanted us to meet for some reason.  A reason so specific we won’t know until its staring us in the face.  Then, when it’s doing just that, you might just buckle and fall to your knees thanking and praising God for His divine plan for your life.




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