Mustard Seeds

Independence & Identity

“All aboard!” The train to life has left the station and thankfully I managed to hop on, albeit winded, sweaty, dirty, and exhausted.  But, I’m on it.  That’s what counts, right?

In the past 2 months months I have graduated from college (more about that later), accepted a job, and moved two hours away from home, into my Aunt and Uncle’s home while I explore life.  I started my first social work job and I am so content, happy, and filled with excitement about the many endless opportunities.  I know, I know, I’m like a giddy puppy who hasn’t woken up and seen all the ugly smoke around life.

I’ve got my rose-colored glasses on and I’m happy as a clam. So don’t come rain on my parade. Please 😉

So happy in fact, I’m still at that stage when my desk phone rings I get a little giddy inside and get so happy that someone is calling me.

The roller coaster of a ride it was to get this job is nothing short of amazement (in my opinion, anyway).

I had my first interview, before which, I met my Aunt, who I now live with, at Target to say hi and soak up any sense of calm she was radiating off her.   If it was there I was attached to it like my life depended on it.  The interview itself went very well.

Then the waiting game began, about 4 days had passed and I was on lunch break and my phone rang!  I was so excited!!! Anyway, they call to schedule round 2, of course they wanted to do it on the day I had to fly out for my graduation in OH.  It was scheduled though for the day before I left.  A Monday.

Interview goes great again, less people, but somehow more intimidating.  Tuesday, Wednesday, finally on Thursday morning I get a call.  Now, to set the scene, I was in OH early for graduation practice, it’s the end of the week and I’m expecting a call at any time.  I had also logically thought this all out.  If they want my acceptance before the end of the week, any self-respecting business won’t make an offer on a Friday, it’ll be on a Thursday, after 9am, but before 12pm.  So 10:30-11am makes sense.  Well, guess what time I was in the middle of graduation practice?  That’s right, 10:30am.

I am a rule follower, I’ll turn off my phone if someone asks me to or tell me to.  For probably the 3rd time in my life I blatantly disobeyed that rule.  I kept it on and well, you know the rest of the story.  I was offered the position.  The rest of practice went right over my head.  But most importantly for myself, I graduated college as an employed full-time Social Worker/Case Manager and I was going to move away from home.

The rest of May and June crawled by…finally it was June 7, 2019 and moving day.  Then it was my first day.  Now it’s almost the end of July and I’m starting to navigate health insurance, car insurance, budgets, relationships, and so much more.  I’m in heaven.

Catch y’all later!

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