Mustard Seeds

Peter? Is that you I see in the mirror?

I had an interview for an internship in downtown Minneapolis a while ago, an interview I nervous about.  I was excited too, excited to learn more about the internship, as well as have a chance to interview.  It went very well, at least I think it did.  I ultimately, didn’t get the internship.

As I was on my way home, the weather was gorgeous, I had the sunroof open, windows down, and music speaking to my soul.  The closer I got to home, the more I thought I should go stop in at Adoration, it was on my way home so it wouldn’t be out of my way.  It would be quick and a great place to thank Jesus for all He has done to help me out, especially the past of couple of weeks, and for a great interview.

I passed the first exit to get to Church, telling myself, it was a cute idea, but not necessary.

I passed the second turn off and told myself, ‘I’ll just talk to him while I drive home, He knows how it went.”  Approaching the third one, I couldn’t help but think I was making up excuses because something in me also didn’t want to stop.

As I was passing the third exit, I was thinking about Lent and this season of preparation we are in, thinking of Peter and how he denied the Lord three times.   And, when it mattered the most!!  No there was no crowing as I passed my third chance to turn and go to Adoration, but there was a sort of pang in my heart, in my soul.

I can’t help but think about how many times in one day, I manage to deny God.  I made three very conscious decisions that day, to not go to Adoration, when I had nothing else to do that day.  It would have been no problem to stop and thank God for his help during that interview, even if it was just to calm my nerves.  Do I think of myself as Peter everyday now?  No.  But, what does come to mind is when we have the chance to deepen our friendship/relationship with God by simply retreating to a quiet place for a couple of minutes, or stopping into a Church or Adoration Chapel for 10 minutes, do we do it?

Or, is there an opportunity to be a disciple to someone at work?  At the store?  At home to our families?  To a particular friend?

You aren’t, I’m not Peter when we don’t take up every opportunity to show someone God, but how can we consciously become less likely to follow in Peter’s footsteps?  What decisions can we make daily to be more like Jesus and less like the sinners we all are?

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